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Who We Are

Welcome to Cloud Space Inc. a premier IT solutions hub, where innovation, security and reliability live cohesively. Launch your business with our complete suite of services designed to streamline your operations and strengthen your digital presence. From leading-edge IT Services to robust Cyber Security solutions, we've got you! Enjoy seamless communication with our Hosted Exchange Server and safeguard your data with our Hosted Cloud Storage options. Trust in our expertise to provide Secure Managed Networking solutions, ensuring your network remains resilient and protected against ever increasing threats. Empower your business with the technology it deserves. Explore our offerings today.

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Our Partners

From startups to Fortune 500 companies looking to improve market share or penetrate a new market we help them do so with products that exceed industry standards.

Datto Services
Ubiquiti Authorized Service
Cisco Partner
EnGenius Authorized Service
SOPHOS Authorized Service
Media Authorized Service
Polycom Authorized Service
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